Traveler causing replication/save conflict for invitations accepted in Notes client 

By Daniel Nashed | 2/20/19 1:55 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

Traveler causing replication/save conflict for invitations accepted in Notes client. This issue can occur for normal invitations and also with *.ICS files that you add to your calendar. We found out that this is a timing issue between the user interaction and the background processing of the Traveler server. There are two different scenarios.

This is What Happened at IBM Think 2019 

By Hogne B. Pettersen | 2/19/19 6:17 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

This is what was presented by IBM and HCL at IBM Think in San Francisco last week. See videos, summaries and presentations here! Good old Lotusphere, which a few years back turned into the conference IBM Connect, was two years ago integrated into IBM’s huge technology conference called Think. After HCL’s purchase of the entire IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio, this year’s conference for collaboration will be the very last one IBM does.

ProjExec 7.1.1 is released! 

By Alex Homsi | 2/18/19 5:35 PM | Business - Social Business | Added by Matteo Bisi

ProjExec 7.1.1 has been released and available for download. This is a quarterly maintenance release to ProjExec 7.1 which contains various fixes and optimizations to help ProjExec users get a faster response time. We recommend that all customers currently on maintenance upgrade to this latest release, namely those using timesheets, subprojects and resource calendars.

Domino, Proton, IAM, OAuth - Part 2: Domino Administration 

By Oliver Busse | 2/18/19 6:05 AM | App Dev - Web | Added by John Oldenburger

This part of the series is all about Domino admin. The Proton docs refer to it here and there but you can prepare everything before you even start with the fancy stuff. I assume you have knowledge in general Domino administration and the use of the Admin client. In general: please refer to the official documentation for Domino administration.

How to Drag Attachments Directly from IBM Connections and into Webmail 

By Hogne B. Pettersen | 2/18/19 2:46 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

If you have your files in a cloud solution like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, IBM Connections or Google Drive, you can connect Windows Explorer directly to these services. By doing this, you get direct access to your files from your Explorer window, as if they were stored locally on your computer. You can even access them while offline.

Quick-Tip: Getting rid of "Access restriction: The constructor..." etc. 

By Oliver Busse | 2/18/19 2:44 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

I just faced a problem just re-opening an old project in Domino Designer - here version 10. I remember that I used the same project on the same DDE a week ago without issues. What I got now was this in the "Problems" tab of DDE:

Think 2019 - The Collaboration Solutions Sessions 

By John Oldenburger | 2/17/19 8:12 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Kenio Carvalho

In this blog post an overview of the Collaboration Solutions Sessions of IBM Think 2019. This blog post will be expanded during the coming period as more session slides become publicly available.

Enable/Disable/Sign agents without opening DDE 

By Ulrich Krause | 2/17/19 4:22 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

A couple of days ago, Thomas Adrian posted a new idea on Allow Enable/Disable/Sign agents from Domino Administrator without opening DDE. This is a pretty cool idea, I think. Although there already is a great tool available from Ytria ( agentEZ ), handling of agents should be a part of the core features of Notes / Domino.

Domino, Proton, IAM, OAuth - Part 1: Preperations 

By Oliver Busse | 2/17/19 1:53 AM | App Dev - Web | Added by John Oldenburger

This is the first part of a multi-part series. Current plans see at least 7 posts, so watch out for them during the upcoming week(s). Part 2 and 3 will touchdown on Monday and Wednesday. It is a quite complex process but in the end you should be able to follow all the steps in under 4 hours - maybe faster. The key part is to have a Domino 10.0.1 server up and running out of the box.

XPages to Java EE, Part 11: Mixing MVC and an API 

By Jesse Gallagher | 2/16/19 1:10 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

When we set up our MVC controller classes, we put the @Controller annotation at the class level, which tells the environment that the entire class is dedicated to running the UI. However, we don't necessarily always want to do that - JAX-RS is the way to build REST APIs, after all, and so we should also add JSON versions of our Person methods.

Think-Ing From Far Away Pt5 – The Big Wrap Up 

By Gabriella Davis | 2/16/19 9:26 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

Our final podcast of Think-ing from far away is a wrap up of the week, announcements and thoughts in general. We were joined by Maria Nordin from ISW, Kris de Bisschop from Groupwave and Christoph Adler from Panagenda. All dosed up with coffee at 8am on the last day in San Francisco. Content from Think is already beginning to be posted.

Learn Domino Query Language 

By Rainer Brandl | 2/16/19 6:34 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

One of the new features in Domino V10 is DQL which allows you to access Domino data using SQL. Darren Cacy presented this new feature with some examples and also the prereq's. So DQL is a great feature when you have to access Domino databases for displaying a small result set in any frontend via Node.JS. Get additional information about this new feature in the “Getting started-lab”.

IBM Think 2019 – Day 4 recap 

By Rainer Brandl | 2/16/19 6:30 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

Today began - beside heavy rain - with tremendous announcements of HCL in person of Richard Jefts, Barry Rosen and Chris Davis in their session "The Beat goes on - and it goes to 11". A great and updated roadmap for Domino V10+ has been presented: A lot ( I’m sure there will be more ) of the new features coming soon and what we can expect in V11 have been presented.

XPages to Java EE, Part 10: Data Storage 

By Jesse Gallagher | 2/15/19 1:00 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

How you store your data in an application is a potentially-huge topic, which is one of the reasons I've pushed it off for a while. This is particularly the case because of the habits we learned over the years as Domino developers. One of the most grievous wounds Domino inflicted on us was an encouragement to always write directly to the data-storage implementation objects - forms and views for Notes client design or the lsxbe/lotus.domino classes for LotusScript and Java.

XPages Partial Refresh and Server-Wide Xsp Properties 

By Paul Withers | 2/15/19 9:20 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

A new IBM technote has been released for XPages Partial Refresh Throwing CLFAD* Errors. As suspected, the cause was tightening up validation and, instead of falling back to reloading the page, it throws an error. I remember in 8.5.1 a similar issue where passing an error object to some logging started throwing an error because of greater validation.

Proton, IAM, OAuth, LDAP - nothing so see here, yet 

By Oliver Busse | 2/15/19 2:25 AM | App Dev - Web | Added by John Oldenburger

This is just a small update on my journey to Node with Domino, Proton, IAM and OAuth. It was a fight, but in the end I won. Thanks to the support of Heiko Voigt, who already startet a blog series that helped me out a lot today (esp. part 2) I was able to set all up. There were lots of caveats to overcome and changes I had to make.

Exited: Domino V11 and beyond 

By Remco Angioni | 2/14/19 1:47 PM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

Great session with Andrew Manby and Richard Jefts. Like usual, their energy is overwhelming. What can we expect in V11 and beyond: Group 1 languages re-release, Group 1 support in Notes Basic and ICAA clients, XPages V10 regressions fixes available in Fix Packs, Domino App Dev Pack on Windows platform, Preview of browser-based “Verse on Mobile” app and Verse on Premises 1.0.7.

Notes, Domino, Java and Open Source 

By Paul Withers | 2/14/19 9:32 AM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by John Oldenburger

As hopefully most developers are aware, at the beginning of the year Oracle changed the licensing terms for Java JREs (Java Runtime Environment), requiring a paid commercial license for any commercial use. For most Notes and Domino customers, that has meant no change. As long as I can remember, Notes (on Windows) and Domino have bundled their own JRE.

IBM Connections 6.0 – which functionality is provided by the Component Pack?  

By Martti Garden | 2/14/19 9:07 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

had been asked, what exactly I will be missing, if I don’t have the Component Pack / Customizer Lite / Elasticsearch standalone installed, as these add additional functionalities, which in some parts integrate seamlessly and it is hard to tell which component it is based on. The reason behind this question is, that the Component Pack requires a different technology stack (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm) than the base Connections one, which is built on WebSphere, so some customers have not deployed that, yet. The Component Pack right now basically has 3 major components it provides: Orient Me, Customizer as well as the Elasticsearch stack.

Think-Ing From Far Away Pt4 – It’s All Connections 

By Gabriella Davis | 2/14/19 6:13 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

Today’s podcast of Think-ing from far away is all about Connections. We have heard so much news coming out of Think already regarding Connections so we were joined by Sandra Buehler from Belsoft and Wannes Rams from Ramsit – both kindly sat on the floor in a quiet corner of the Moscone Center!.

Think-Ing From Far Away Pt3 – Community Day & Chairman’s Address 

By Gabriella Davis | 2/14/19 6:12 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

Today’s podcast of Think-ing from far away is entirely “far away” as we welcome Andreas Ponte from Belsoft in Switzerland and Mike Smith from The Turtle Partnership to discuss the news from Community Day and the Chairman’s Address from Ginni Rometty that we all watched via live stream.

MarvelCient Essentials in Domino 10.0.1 - Think 2019 Announcement - Free MarvelClient Upgrade 

By John Oldenburger | 2/14/19 5:00 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Matteo Bisi

Yeah, this is amazing and very exciting new brought by panagenda. More information on the panagenda site - IBM Think 2019 Upgrade to Notes 10 – for free!! Be one of the first to get the FREE MarvelClient Upgrade link. Join the list! I did already.

Can HCL put Humpty Dumpty back together again 

By Red Pill Now | 2/14/19 4:48 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by John Oldenburger

Back in 1989 Lotus Notes was released and for many years it occupied a unique position in the software market. One of my favorite quotes from this era is found in the video below (at the 55 second mark) when a report asks “Lotus Notes, what the hell is it?”. The response (I assume from a business partner) is “… I couldn’t tell you. I have no idea. I just sell it!”

IAM dabbeling - Post 2: setting up proton and testing 

By Heiko Voigt | 2/14/19 4:07 AM | App Dev - Web | Added by John Oldenburger

This is the 2nd post in my "IAM dabbeling" sequence - as a preamble let me say upfront that I am not an administrator and no expert in the TLS/SSL arena. I am a (web) developer who wants to use OUATH2 in my Node.JS applications with Domino. That said, some experts out there might be finding easier/better ways to achieve this goal - I'm happy to learn.

IBM Think 2019 – Day 3 recap 

By Rainer Brandl | 2/14/19 2:26 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

Today was not sooo busy like yesterday but also had great informations prepared. For the first session I attended the "The Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack" and I was impressed about the way this can be executed. Joseph Carson explained in a very easy way how an account hack runs.

XPages to Java EE, Part 9: IDE Features Grab Bag 

By Jesse Gallagher | 2/13/19 11:58 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

In today's post, I'm going to go over a handful of features that IDEs, particularly Eclipse, bring to the table to improve the development experience. Some of these aren't unique to EE development, but our use of Maven and standardized technology makes them better than their equivalents in XPages development.

IAM dabbeling ... first setup successfully done. Post 1 of many to come.... 

By Heiko Voigt | 2/13/19 7:59 AM | App Dev - Web | Added by Oliver Busse

Wow, finally ! With some great help from HCL (thanks to the HCL Client Advocacy Program and Gordon Hegfield in person ! ) I was able to master the setup of the OAUTH2 provider for Domino ! So, how is my environment set up ?

IBM Think 2019 – Day 2 recap 

By Rainer Brandl | 2/13/19 7:02 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

oday the “IBM Collaboration Solutions” was held at the Hilton Union Square and first of all: It was amazing !! We received great informations of Alan Hamilton, Dawn Herndon, Bob Schultz and some other. The most interesting themes have been presented by Richard Jefts and Andrew Manby with a great review of ‘The Road to Domino V10’ where some very impressive numbers have been presented.

Think-Ing From Far Away Pt2 -News So Far & What’s Coming Up (Tuesday) 

By Gabriella Davis | 2/13/19 5:43 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

Today’s podcast of Think-ing from far away features is an accidental Lifetime Champion full house with guests Paul Withers from Intec and Daniel Nashed from Nashcom alongside Julian, Theo and myself. We discuss the news so far including work Daniel has been working on providing Docker scripts that is being presented by Thomas Hampel this week and the relaunch of code snippets by OpenNTF.

Recent Java Updates from IBM 

By Niklas Heidloff | 2/12/19 3:43 PM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by Kenio Carvalho

Oracle has changed the licensing for commercial use. Fortunately IBM open sourced OpenJ9 which is available together with the OpenJDK at no cost from AdoptOpenJDK, even for commercial use.