Q&A From March Webinar: Nomad Mobile  

By OpenNTF | 4/12/21 12:57 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Andi Kress

We ran out of time during our March webinar for the Q&A session, so this blog presents all of the questions and answers for you. Again we thank Thomas, Maxx, Theo and Tom for providing more detail on this interesting subject.

The Volt MX Road Map – Not the Designer Killer You’re Looking For  

By NCUG | 11/13/20 3:32 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Volt MX has generated a lot of interest, and during Digital Week today, HCL presented their road map for the low code platform. In an earlier blog posting, we said that Volt MX would most likely be the replacement for Domino Designer. It seems that we jumped the gun a bit on that one. Andrew Manby from HCL reached out to us to clarify some questions that have come up.

Amsterdamned #engageug #dominoforever #hcldigital  

By Oliver Busse | 3/5/20 2:48 PM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Renan Ek Rendon

I am currently sitting in my hotel room near Amsterdam Schipol airport. I missed my flight in the morning because the Dutch train canceled several connections and the train I was in finally also had delays due to technical issues on the track. Another delay resulted in the need to change the train at Amsterdam Central. Anyway, I didn't make it in time, I was about 1 hour late. But why I am here?

Engage 2020 – Day 2 – Summary  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 3/5/20 1:29 PM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Oliver Busse

Although Day 1 was long, the start of Day 2, which was already at 8 am, did not allow much rest. The composition of the program did not allow a thorough tour of the zoo, but Burgers’ Ocean really surprised me.

HCL Nomad On Android Smartphones  

By Ulrich Krause | 2/23/20 7:43 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Oliver Busse

I do not own an Android smartphone. But I saw a couple of forum entries from people with up-to-date Android device complaining, that HCL Nomad does not run on their devices. I found an interesting post by Erik Schwalb in the German Notes Forum.

Optimized Notes App Design for the iPhone  

By Detlev Poettgen | 12/16/19 7:21 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Since version 1.0.5 of HCL Nomad (formerly IBM Domino Mobile Apps) existing classic Notes applications can now be used on the iPhone. The previous version only supported the iPad. Due to the form factor of the iPad, Notes applications were generally usable without major design adjustments and looked and operated exactly the same as on a Windows or Mac Notes Basic clients.

Mindoo TodoManager on OpenNTF  

By Karsten Lehmann | 12/16/19 1:05 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

I created a small sample application for the HCL Nomad Client on the iPad and iPhone. It's a TodoManager that uses the 4 Quadrant time management method to structure the Todos. The application is now available for free on OpenNTF: Mindoo TodoManager. In the desktop Notes Client, to dos can be moved between the quadrants and to the recycle bin via drag and drop ("1" - "4" and the recycle bin icon are drop targets).

The SUTOL Conference 2019 is over. Yes, it makes sense  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 11/22/19 4:51 PM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Oliver Busse

Every autumn we organize a technical conference with the Czech user group SUTOL. The same was true this year, when we met at a traditional place in Prague. We have carefully selected topics so that both administrators and developers will find their way. And I think the program was successful because 124 participants were registered and it really arrived.

World Premiere of Domino, Notes, and Sametime v11, December 4  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 10/24/19 4:31 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Oliver Busse

Get ready for the World Premiere of Domino, Notes, and Sametime v11, and Connections v6.5. This will be a historic day, marking the first major product releases for these iconic products under HCL Digital Solutions. Tune in live to hear the latest product features, hear from thought leaders, and find out how you can upgrade to the latest versions.

How I started managing HCL Nomad via Panagenda MarvelClient - Ales Lichtenberg  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 10/17/19 6:55 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Oliver Busse

What are my first impressions with HCL Nomad and Panagenda MarvelClient? Yeah, it works! And on the first attempt without a manual. In preparation for the SUTOL conference, where I will have a presentation on managing HCL Nomad using MarvelClient, I attended the webinar “MarvelClient and HCL Nomad – A match made in heaven”.

HCL Nomad beta for Android Tablet is available - how to install  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 10/10/19 1:02 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by John Oldenburger

Today was released beta HCL Nomad for Android, for now for Tablet. Could you like to try it on? Go to the Google Play store and go to the “Pre-Access” tab at the end of the top app ranking screen. Find the HCL Nomad app and install. After installation, open HCL Nomad. It’s a little easier than installing on iOS.

Panagenda MarvelClient starting manage HCL Nomad  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 10/9/19 2:17 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Oliver Busse

Panagenda MarvelClient allows administrators to manage HCL Nomad clients by defining their own settings. MarvelClient is provided with all installations of HCL Nomad starting with version 1.0.4. HCL has integrated MarvelClient into Nomad, their new Notes client for mobile devices. Manage Notes clients on tablets and phones right out of the box – for free!