Can We Get To Work Now? 

By Keith Brooks | 7/2/19 12:05 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

As you may have heard, the divorce from IBM of the Lotus Portfolio of products has come to a conclusion and HCL has come out the winner. The value of the deal ensures a decent rate of return to HCL within 3 years(maybe earlier) based solely on Support and Services, otherwise known as renewals. The efforts to stop the leaving and increase the renewals only adds gravy to the deal for HCL.

NCUG Session on Admin Hacks for Users and Your Sanity 

By Keith Brooks | 6/12/19 2:31 PM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

Aimed at New and Old admins. Focus on the Rooms and Resources database changes we have made over the years and ideas for the future of the template.