We Have Lost The “wasadmin” Account Password!   

By Milan Matejic | 3/31/20 2:22 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

If you have lost the "wasadmin" account password or any other local WebSphere account, there is a rather simple way to recover it. Just connect to the server where WebSphere Deployment Manager is running, via RDP or SSH, depending on the OS of the server, and open the "security.xml" file located under "<WebSphere_Installation_Directory>/AppServer/profiles/<Deployment_Manager_Profile>/config/cells/<Cell_Name>" for example…

HCL Sametime 11 – Limited Use vs. Standard License   

By Milan Matejic | 3/25/20 2:37 AM | Infrastructure - Sametime | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

I found that there is a lot of confusion going around which Sametime features are covered in Limited Use License, although I could not find a document or a matrix chart covering this in detail, the following article provides some important insights.

HCL Sametime 11 – ST Proxy Server & DNS  

By Milan Matejic | 3/25/20 2:36 AM | Infrastructure - Sametime | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Obviously, when deploying any application, DNS is important and the needed DNS entries need to be set. Before deploying the HCL Sametime 11 Proxy Server you need to make sure that the MongoDB and the Sametime Community Servers are reachable via FQDNs and hostnames.