The iPhora Journey - Part 8 - Flow-based Programming  

By Richard Moy | 4/17/24 3:58 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

As developers, most of us create applications through the conscious act of programming, either procedural, as many of us old-timers grew up with, or object-oriented, which we grudgingly had to admit was better. This is true whether we are using Java, LotusScript, C++ or Rust on Domino. (By the way, does anyone remember Pascal? When I was in school, I remember being told it was the language of the future, but for some reason it didn't seem to survive past the MTV era). But in the last decade, there are some new developments in the programming world that we need to take into account... and no, I'm not talking about AI.

The iPhora Journey - Part I - Reimagining Domino  

By Richard Moy | 7/20/22 2:00 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

This is part one of a fourteen-part series describing our long journey in redefining the Domino platform and how to use it to meet the expectations of today's customers -- specifically new customers. Our focus is totally on what new customers are looking for, not what existing Domino customers expect.

Building Effective Business Solutions Using Low-code and Engage 2020  

By Richard Moy | 2/24/20 4:39 PM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

I have not blogged in a long time not since CollabSphere 2019. We have been relatively busy working on projects and on our newest versions of our Domino-based iPhora solutions. We started working on our iPhora platform over a decade ago with the focus of creating a platform that we would use to help companies automate their complex business processes.

CollabSphere 2019 Abstract Submission Deadline Extended   

By Richard Moy | 8/4/19 3:48 AM | - | Added by Matteo Bisi

Many request because of vacation, work or the Factory Tour has delayed some of you from submitting. So we will be extending the abstract submission CollabSphere until August 18, 2019 at midnight. So submit your abstract.

Domino Interface: When your Tool is a Hammer, Everything is a Nail, Transformation of Domino - Part 2  

By Richard Moy | 11/14/17 12:16 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

The recent announcement by IBM to continue the development and support for the IBM Domino platform indefinitely was great timing for part 2 of this series. This series is about the direction that we are taking Domino. This journey has taken more than five years with many different designs and experiments to get to where we are.

Domino X and Beyond, What Does this Mean?  

By Richard Moy | 11/3/17 12:17 PM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

On October 25, 2017, IBM announced their strategic partnership with HCL with Domino, Sametime, Traveler, Verse and other products. As many have blogged and tweeted, IBM is turning over the development of these products for the forseeable future to HCL.

MWLUG Sessions  

By Richard Moy | 6/29/16 2:22 PM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

Welcome to the MWLUG 2016 sessions. For MWLUG 2016 we have 54 sessions including some of the most diverse and innovative technical and business sessions in the ICS community. Speakers range from many first time speakers with innovative ideas to over a dozen experienced IBM Champion speakers. So get your notepad ready and learn as you attend these incredible sessions.

MWLUG 2016, Defining the Art Collaboration - Abstract Submission is Open  

By Richard Moy | 4/18/16 12:11 PM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

Abstract submission for MWLUG 2016 is now open. Mike McGarel and his team worked hard on our new redesigned conference web site. Abstract submission will close on May 27, 2016.

My Final Thoughts on IBM Connect 2016  

By Richard Moy | 2/14/16 3:51 PM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

Today I was able to spend an hour writing up my thoughts about IBM Connect 2016. I have had no time in the past few months to blog and continue my current series, but made a special effort to write this article.

MWLUG 2015 Sessions Now Online  

By Richard Moy | 6/19/15 12:29 PM | Business - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

We are pleased to announce that sessions for MWLUG 2015 are now online on our web site. For MWLUG 2015 we will have close to 50 business and technical sessions making this the largest and most comprehensive conference that we have ever had. We have over two dozen IBM Champion speakers.

Installing Nginx Reverse Proxy on CentOS for Domino Our Experience  

By Richard Moy | 9/30/14 5:27 PM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Over the past few weeks there has been a significant number of discussions about Domino and the lack of SHA-2 support. Jesse Gallagher had an entire MWLUG 2014 session on this very topic. When I ask Jesse to present on this topic, unbeknownst to me what a hot topic this would become and so timely. First, IBM should have fixed these problems years ago. For us this is a critical issue that if not addressed will kill the market for Domino.

MWLUG 2014 - What we bring and what we are  

By Richard Moy | 4/1/14 11:09 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

Each year we create a new theme for MWLUG and is always a challenge. But this year it was easy. I took a hard look of what is a LUG and what do we do. It is not just about the collaboration technology that we are so fond of, it is all about us.

Domino Interface: Optimizing Dojo Loading for Bootstrap Widgets  

By Richard Moy | 1/8/14 12:22 AM | - | Added by Niklas Heidloff

Over the past year, one of our major efforts for our iPhora products was to switch from using Dojo Dijit widgets to only Bootstrap widgets.

Announcing the Location of the 2014 Midwest Lotus User Group Conference  

By Richard Moy | 12/11/13 12:20 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Niklas Heidloff

If you are not planning to go or not go to IBM Connect this year, there is going to be two great LUGs within the United States, one of which is MWLUG 2014.

GRANITE - December 9, 2013 Meeting Agenda  

By Richard Moy | 12/5/13 9:26 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Peter D Presnell

The agenda for the GRANITE December 9 meeting is all set. Special thanks to all the speakers for help us out at the last minute. The meeting will be held at the IBM Center in Downtown Chicago. See everyone on next Monday.

Next GRANITE Meeting Monday, December 9, 2013  

By Richard Moy | 11/28/13 12:40 PM | Business - Events / People | Added by Peter D Presnell

The next GRANITE Meeting will be on Monday, December 9, 2013. It will be held at the IBM Center in Downtown Chicago. We will be covering Mobile Security as one of the topics, a subject that is increasingly becoming an important topic to be aware of.

Domino Interface: db.FTSearch != Ubuntu Server  

By Richard Moy | 10/26/13 4:01 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Per Henrik Lausten

We ran into a db.FTSearch problem with a customer a few years ago. Full indexed search failed on PDF and DOCX file attachments. Lesson learned, if you need to perform db.FTSearch on databases that includes PDF or DOCX file attachments, do not use Ubuntu for the client or the server.

MWLUG 2013 Agenda App Now Available  

By Richard Moy | 8/20/13 12:13 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Niklas Heidloff

It is two days before the start of the fifth Midwest Lotus User Group Conference. The MWLUG 2013 Mobile Agenda App is now ready for download for iPhone and Android users. Special thanks to IBM Business Partner Salient Solutions for volunteering and developing the MWLUG 2013 Mobile Agenda App using their Mobilite solution.

Announcing MWLUG 2013 OGS Speakers and Sessions  

By Richard Moy | 7/18/13 4:09 PM | Business - Events / People | Added by Niklas Heidloff

We are very please to announce the MWLUG 2013 Opening General Speaker will be former US Marine, Author, and Indianapolis Colts Community Spokeperson, Josh Bleill.

Announcing the MWLUG 2013 Sessions  

By Richard Moy | 7/10/13 12:20 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Niklas Heidloff

We are please to post the sessions for MWLUG 2013. We will be adding a few more sessions to this list as we get everything together for this conference. MWLUG 2013 will have over 40+ sessions and workshops with a $35.00 donation.

Creating Twitter Bootstrap Widgets - Part IIIA - Using Dojo To Bring It Together  

By Richard Moy | 6/9/13 11:51 PM | - | Added by Per Henrik Lausten

Welcome to part three of my five part series "Creating Twitter Bootstrap Widgets". In the first two parts, we talked about how Bootstrap widgets can be assembled using a consistent framework of standard HTML elements with CSS3 styling. In part three, we will connect together our combo box widget using Dojo and make it functional.

Creating Twitter Bootstrap Widgets - Part II - Let's Assemble  

By Richard Moy | 5/14/13 11:16 PM | - | Added by Niklas Heidloff

This is two part of my five part series "Creating Twitter Bootstrap Widgets". As I mentioned in part one of this series, Twitter Bootstrap widgets are built from a collection standard HTML elements, styled, and programmed to function as a single unit. The goal of this series is to teach you how to create a Bootstrap widget that utilizes the Bootstrap CSS and Dojo.

Creating Twitter Bootstrap Widgets - Part I - Anatomy of a Widget  

By Richard Moy | 5/9/13 3:03 PM | - | Added by Per Henrik Lausten

Twitter Bootstrap currently is the most popular open source responsive CSS framework. If you are using Bootstrap strictly as a responsive framework, you are missing out. It is also a great framework for creating UI widgets and UI components. Bootstrap normally comes with JQuery plug-ins widgets like buttons, inputs, and drop-down menus. You can use these plugins as a basis in creating more complexity widgets.

Help Us Make MWLUG 2013 the Best Conference, MWLUG 2013 Session Survey  

By Richard Moy | 2/25/13 2:27 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Niklas Heidloff

MWLUG 2013 is coming, August 21-23, 2013 and will be held at the Crowne Plaza - Union Station in Downtown Indianapolis, IN. The hotel is in the heart of downtown Indianapolis right next to the Amtrak station.