xockets.io-2.0.1 released 

By Mark Ambler | 2/12/16 12:36 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

Just released latest version of xockets.io. This last release fixed an issue preventing developers from importing the plugin into their designer environment. Also, I removed the 9.0.1 plugin references so there is a chance the plugin will work with XPages 8.5.3, as long as the latest ext-lib for 8.5.3 is loaded as well.

The XPages Knowledge Base gets 2 new articles on day 1 

By John Jardin | 2/10/16 6:25 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

Thanks to Paul Withers and Fredrik Norling, the XPages Knowledge Base grew by 2 articles in day 1 of the official launch.

It's time for the XPages Knowledge Base to officially co-exist :) 

By John Jardin | 2/9/16 9:23 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

The XPages Knowledge Base is live, running and hungry for content. The OpenNTF team have been working effortlessly to get the final touches implemented in order to make way for an online platform that helps with the collaboration of knowledge on all things XPages. And now it’s time to let the world know it exists!

My Session at IBM Connect 

By Paul Withers | 2/5/16 12:52 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Earlier this week I delivered my session at IBM Connect. It was good fun and thanks to all who attended. I’ve posted my slides, which are also available below. There are a couple of additions to the slide deck originally posted to the Event Connect site. As those at the session will remember, the session was highly driven by demos, so the slides summarise the points I made.

Real-time video chat XPage application using websocket and WebRTC technologies AD-1077 

By Csaba Kiss | 2/3/16 11:53 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

The websocket protocol/API is part of the HTML5 standard. This presentation will demonstrate how to bring chat and video communication capabilities to XPages using the OpenNTF websocket plugin with WebRTC so that attendees can learn how to start their own real-time communication application.

Bringing Your Web Apps to IBM Digital Experience 

By John Head | 2/3/16 9:00 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Here are the session slides for the session I gave with Brad Balassaitis. For too long, WebSphere portal has been seen as the realm of the back end developer with specialized Java skills. This has been a barrier to entry to the IBM Domino community. IBM has transformed the product to the IBM Digital Experience platform – and it’s not just a name change!

On OpenNTF - XPages Extension Library Release 16 

By OpenNTF | 2/2/16 3:55 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

This release is the sixteenth IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 version of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib) to OpenNTF. This release contains a significant Bootstrap upgrade to 3.3.6. It also contains a useful convenience method contributed by Eric McCormick. There are also updates to the Bluemix support, both in the BluemixContext and Bluemix tooling in Domino Designer.

Webinar Building Responsive Applications Using XPages 

By The Learning Continuum Company | 2/2/16 3:50 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Let Connect come to you! In this webinar Brian Gleeson and Martin Donnelly from the IBM Development Team will present their Connect 2016 session. Brian and Martin will show you how to quickly and easily transform your old applications into something that will impress your end users (and your boss)!

Connect Success 

By Eric McCormick | 2/2/16 3:26 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

IBM Connect 2016 is in full swing and I’m enjoying the sessions I’ve attended, some of the news announced from some of the IBM talent that has presented, and even had a good time at my session. Thank you to everyone that came to my session; we had a decent turn out. The promise of an “amazing demo” was, I hope, mostly true.

IBM Connect 2016: REST Services in Domino - Key to modern Web Applications 

By Bernd Hort | 2/2/16 8:12 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

As promised the slides and the sample database from my session at IBM Connect 2016 REST Services in Domino - Key to modern Web Applications. Even if you didn't had the chance to make it to my session, with the slides and specially with the sample database you have a good starting point.

WebGate at the IBM Connect 2016 Opening General Session 

By WebGate | 2/1/16 7:20 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

Launched by founders with a diverse range of expertise in agriculture, entrepreneurship and rural development, RAVInvest helps build business ventures in rural Africa. A pioneer in creating learning exchange mechanisms among rural entrepreneurs, the organization strives to develop business opportunities supporting sustained profitability, ecological stability and social equitability.

Connect 16 

By Greg Reeder | 2/1/16 6:07 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

If you are following me on twitter, you will know that I have had my first tastes of the Lotussphere / Connect experience. It has been quite a day, and I could not be more ecstatic with some of the information I am receiving. The ideas that I am seeing are astounding and the people are wonderful.

XPages Knowledge Base on OpenNTF 

By OpenNTF | 2/1/16 3:38 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

Did you know? OpenNTF delivers another great resource for every XPages developer - in addition to the various offers the IBM ESS (formerly known as ICS) community already gives you

URGENT : Chrome Bug 570622 affecting our users - is it affecting yours ? 

By Sean Cull | 2/1/16 3:16 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

The bug reported by David Leedy appears to be affecting our users significantly. Are your users reporting screen freezes in XPage applications in Chrome ? If so please “star” this bug ( top left corner ) to raise its profile. Even if you are worried that it might affect your users then please “star” this bug.

XPages Demo: XGallery Application 

By OpenNTF | 2/1/16 10:16 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

The XGallery application is a demonstration XPages application that provides a photo gallery. It is hosted on Bluemix, with IBM Connections Cloud integration and utilising IBM Watson analytics in the form of the Image Recognition service.

Combining Justified Gallery and Swipebox in XPages for an amazing Image Gallery 

By John Oldenburger | 1/31/16 8:54 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

In this blog post I will give a basic setup on combining Justified Gallery and Swipebox in XPages to create an amazing Image Gallery.

OpenNTF at IBM Connect 2016 

By OpenNTF | 1/31/16 8:52 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

The time has come, IBM Connect 2016 started today! It's pretty obvious that OpenNTF is on site and delivers high quality content in several sessions around open source and software development in general. If you want to meet the guys in person to have a chat and want to learn about latest technologies and pratices, just visit their sessions.

Alert! Danger! Chrome has a Dojo Bug that affects XPages 

By David Leedy | 1/29/16 10:42 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

There is a known bug in Google Chrome 48 that is affecting DOJO resource loading which in turn is causing XPages application to stop working.

Domino Designer Tip – RegEx Searching for a String with Single or Double Quotes 

By Brad Balassaitis | 1/27/16 8:05 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

If you’re looking for a string value in code throughout your application, it can sometimes be frustrating to weed through extraneous results. If you know the exact string, you can make the search more efficient by including the quotes in the search.

Using Vaadin on Domino 

By Paul Withers | 1/22/16 2:55 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Late last year I was approached to write a blog post about using Vaadin on Domino and in particular the new Vaadin Designer. After my work for the current blog series on moving from XPages to a web application, I felt capable of doing it justice, even though there are others in the community who have more experience.

Implementing live search on a web form using XPages 

By Mathew Murphy | 1/20/16 11:45 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Given that people find it hard to select from more than around 8 options, the “drop-down selector with live search filter” design pattern is useful for all sorts of situations. If you have a reasonably small number of options, you can do it all client-side. I needed to implement some sort of “search, then select from the matches” selector box for web forms that would use get the server to do the work.

Double Quote Avoidance – Using JsonJavaObject + JsonReference to output function references 

By Cameron Gregor | 1/19/16 7:30 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Recently I have been developing an an XPages UI control for JQuery jqGrid. JqGrid, like most javascript components, relies very much on configuration using json. I haven’t done much in this area before and I thought things would get pretty ugly if I had to manually output all the javascript / json.

Upcoming XPages Webinars 

By John Oldenburger | 1/18/16 4:44 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

A new year, new upcoming webinars! And it will be another great year! For the coming period the following webinars are scheduled. For more information: T.L.C.C. XPages Webinar Series with Team Studio

Webinar Expanding XPages with Bootstrap for Ultimate Usability 

By John Oldenburger | 1/17/16 5:10 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

My Webinar 'Expanding XPages with Bootstrap for Ultimate Usability' 'is scheduled on 25th May 2016, at 13:00 UK time, 14:00 European time. It will be a maximum one-hour presentation, approximately 45 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions, conducted through Connections Cloud meetings.

View icons on IBM Bluemix 

By Oliver Busse | 1/14/16 12:29 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

We recently stumbled upon this: view icons from a view panel on an XPage won't be displayed correctly when the app is running on Bluemix. The image is simply not found as the folder /icons isn't available on the runtime. I recently also learned that you can access all the files in the runtime via the CF command line interface.