Mastering XPages 2nd Edition Released

Paul Withers | 1 day ago | App Dev - XPages

Mastering XPages has been released today by IBM Press, as followers of Twitter or anyone who pre-ordered the book from IBM Press. Amazon will be shipping shortly. I had the honour or being one of the technical editors of the book and it is well worth investing in.

Understanding Twitter Bootstrap 3

Syed Fazle Rahman | 1 day ago | App Dev - XPages

Version 3 of Twitter Bootstrap is a major change from all its past versions. It is a mobile-first framework and can claim to be one of the best CSS frameworks for building responsive website designs.

Dojo in XPages – 19: Using AJAX to Retrieve Data from a REST Service

Brad Balassaitis | 1 day ago | App Dev - XPages

AJAX is a critical component to creating applications that are highly responsive (performance-wise) in the browser. When you initiate an asynchronous request, the rest of the page is not blocked while some server action is executed. AJAX wrapper classes are built into the Dojo base module, so they’re automatically available to use in XPages.

Adding custom HTTP headers to Domino R9 using IBM HTTP Server (IHS)

Mark Roden | 1 day ago | App Dev - XPages

IBM HTTP Server (IHS) was added to R9 so that we could have TLS support for HTTPS encryption. Under the covers IHS is really a modified version of Apache Web server and comes with some of the Apache options. It gives us the ability to add custom headers to all pages served up by the server.

Improving the Responsivness of an XPage/Custom Control with a View Panel in Domino Designer

Brad Balassaitis | 1 day ago | App Dev - XPages

In his presentation during the recent TLCC webinar, Mark Roden had some great tips on speeding up Domino Designer. During the open Q&A period, a question about improving the responsivness of DDE with a page containing a view panel was raised. In this post, I’ll provide a few tips to help.

Get 5 minute tips on IBM Connections -- every day!

Luis Benitez | 2 days ago | App Dev - XPages

If you got here, you are either a regular subscriber to this blog, a fan of IBM Connections, or you are looking for tips and tricks to get the most value out of the enterprise social collaboration platform.

Testing your Java code in XPages (part 1)

Martin Pradny | 1 week ago | App Dev - XPages

This topic will lead to a series of articles. It depends how deep I will get, but I will try to stay as much general as possible and avoid solutions that work just in my current case.

Recycling in Java, or The importance of not cutting the branch you sit on

Fredrik Malmborg | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

I have been coding rather advanced Java applications a couple of years ago. It was then totally out of the Domino sphere. Recently I have began to code some Java agents for Domino, and the basic principles are not that hard to get. Anyway I did hit an issue with recycle and response documents.

Adding Event Handlers to Font Awesome Icons in XPages

Brad Balassaitis | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

In the previous two posts, I showed how to implement Font Awesome in XPages and two options for adding icons to your page. In this post, I’ll show how you can add event handlers so that you can trigger an action when a user clicks on an icon.

Using Font Awesome Icons in XPages

Brad Balassaitis | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

In the last post, I showed how to implement Font Awesome in your XPages application. In this post, I’ll show two ways to display Font Awesome icons on your pages.

Adding Bootswatch Themes to Bootstrap4XPages

Paul Withers | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

Last week I started playing with Bootstrap4XPages. It’s been around for a few months now and is part of OpenNTF Essentials. But I finally got round to playing with it. Although having lots of whitespace seems in vogue for websites, personally I don’t like that. So one of my first steps was to change the theme. Fortunately, Bootswatch allows a host of themes to just lay on top of Bootstrap, in the same kind of way versions of OneUI have various themes.

On OpenNTF: Agendas for Meeting Rooms displayed in front of the Rooms

OpenNTF | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

Itay Cohen, Boaz Mizrachi, Yaniv Agam and Asher Chen have contributed a new project, called Resource Agenda Presenter. Here is their description: "The RAP application is a system which works in collaboration with the Rooms & Resources ...

NotesIn9 142: Adding a Please Wait to XPages

David Leedy | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

In this show it’s back to XPages and demos! I will do a quick recap on the last show as 141 seemed REALLY popular but then it’s back to work. In this show I demo a quick tip on how you can use CLIENT SIDE JavaScript to show the user the server is processing.

Implementing Font Awesome 4.0.3 in XPages

Brad Balassaitis | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

Font Awesome is a great library of icons (implemented as a font) that you can use in your applications. Russ Maher wrote a great post and provided a sample application to make it very easy to get up and running with Font Awesome quickly.

Fixing an “Object has been removed or recycled” error when searching a view data source

Brad Balassaitis | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

I troubleshot a maddening issue in an XPages application recently, so I’m documenting it in case anyone else comes across it (or has a better solution). The Problem In a pretty straightforward application, I have repeat controls with view data sources. The search property of each data source is set to read from a scope […]

A lesson on scoped managed beans in XPages

John Dalsgaard | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

I learned a lesson on working with scoped managed beans yesterday.

NotesIn9 141: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown

David Leedy | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

This is a VERY DIFFERENT NotesIn9. It’s less of a normal show and more if a response to a recent blog post regarding one persons opinion on the value of Java in XPages and the Value of the UI vs the backend. Actually this show is more of a really long “rant”.

My First Contribution to

Shean McManus | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

I created the xGroupToolbox that has a couple tools that can be deployed and accessed by anyone in your organization. The tools provide a drop down list of applications and returns the groups listed in the ACL, group adminstrator(s), and links to both the group and administrator.

Life without xPages # 3 – a little more JAVA please

Jeff Byrd | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

This week, after reading the tempest of comments generated by Marky Roden’s post, I though “Wow, what a perfect time to write a post entirely focused on JAVA”. And just to contribute my measly 2 pence, I believe you need to learn BOTH Java and JavaScript, and you do need a working knowledge of xPages and a solid understanding of Domino, and that’s just to set up your REST Services!

Dojo in XPages – 18: Event Delegation

Brad Balassaitis | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

We recently saw how to dynamically attach event handlers to DOM elements with dojo.on(). In this post, we’ll see how to use event delegation to set up event handlers that will work on DOM elements that don’t even exist on the page yet. This is powerful logic that is well worth learning.

Read values from a CSV file attached to a Document and present it in XPages

Thomas Adrian | 4 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

This simple server side javascript code read the content of a file stored in a rich text field Scenario: Read a csv file attached to a notes document and present it in Xpages without detaching the file to disc

Dojo in XPages – 17: Getting Event Information from Event Handlers

Brad Balassaitis | 4 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

In the last post, we looked at how to dynamically attach event handlers to DOM elements with Dojo. In this post, we’ll take a look at the information available to the event object that is available to the event handler.

"Do I Need to Learn Java?": a brief conversation with a composite character

Tim Tripcony | 4 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

Do I need to learn Java?

Why learning JavaScript is more critical to XPage developers than Java

Mark Roden | 4 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

I have tried to write this article multiple times over the last 2 years, when I read it back to myself it always sounds like I am bitching. Honestly, I usually am and that is why it has not been published. This is a final attempt at a constructive argument against the insistence on many blogs that everyone should learn Java.

Dojo in XPages – 16: Attaching Event Handlers with dojo.on()

Brad Balassaitis | 4 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

In this post, I’ll show how to dynamically add event handlers to one or more events on one or more DOM elements with dojo.on().

OpenNTF Domino API: Understanding Listeners

Paul Withers | 4 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

Since M3 we’ve had Listeners implemented in the OpenNTF Domino API. Although there’s potential for even greater implementation of listeners through the API, they’re already extremely powerful. Think about triggering specific code whenever a document is saved from XPages.

XPages: Bootstrap File Input

Sven Hasselbach | 4 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

When using the default file upload control in a Bootstrap application, the default file upload button does not fit anymore to the design. To fix this issue, you can use a small jQuery plugin named Twitter Bootstrap File Input. When this plugin is added to your XPage, the button will look like this.

PATCHing a Document using Domino Data Service

Mark Roden | 1 month ago | App Dev - XPages

Talk about frustrating – in a week full of slow progress and CORS cross domain hell I found this little annoyance after hours of staring and curing – once again the power of trial and error triumphs over my stupidity again.

NotesIn9 140: SourceTree Deep Dive

David Leedy | 1 month ago | App Dev - XPages

In this episode Paul Withers comes back on the show for a deeper look at using SourceTree and Git Flow. This comes from the session he did with Declan Lynch at IBM Connect. In that session they ran out of time so this should fill in some of the missing pieces that they didn’t get to cover.