IBM Domino to be or not to be 

By Fredrik Norling | 8/29/16 3:21 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

The last week after MWLUG there has been numerous blog posts about Domino. No roadmap IBM is killing Domino, there is no future for Domino, IBM haven’t released any new releases since 9.01. That is not true at all, if we look at what has been released since 9.0.1 came to market. IBM Domino customers have received 6 fixpacks but they are not only fixpacks they are feature packs.

MWLug 2016 Round-Up 

By Mark Myers | 8/27/16 10:29 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

So I’m back from my first mwlug jetlagged to hell and shattered, trying to answer the question that LDC Via always does after a paid conference “was it worth it”

Change Is In The Air 

By Jesse Gallagher | 8/26/16 4:12 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

During last week’s MWLUG, there was a clear sense that things are a little different this year. Dave Navarre dubbed the technical implications “platform agnosticism”, while I geared my presentation towards the feeling that change is in the air.

The Actual Facts on the Future of IBM Notes Domino and XPages 

By John Oldenburger | 8/26/16 11:37 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

The past week has been dominated about the future of IBM Notes and Domino in the Notes Domino and XPages Community. Some predict the end of IBM Notes after 2021, others advise to quickly migrate to another platform or at least run away from IBM Notes Domino. But let's not forget that IBM Notes Domino and XPages still exist and will be maintained for a long period of time.

A quick follow up on last post 

By Martin Jinoch | 8/26/16 9:04 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

A lot of things happened since Monday morning. It turned out I was not at all alone in thinking this. So there are some other posts on the subject, much better than my rant. And most importantly you can find Ed Brill's comment under Darren's post.

My five cents on the Domino-and-its-future debate 

By Heiko Voigt | 8/26/16 2:04 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

So, after posting a short rant on facebook and the reactions thereabout regarding the debate about the future of Domino, I feel that I have to express myself in a bit more details than the one-line-rant on facebook.

NotesIn9 199: Bitmask, Enums and Creating Excel reports from XPages 

By David Leedy | 8/25/16 4:33 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

This is the big one! The last demo of my presentation at MWLUG 2016. In this show I’ll demonstrate how you can use something called a “Bitmask” and combine it with some Java code and the Apache Poi project to allow the user to create a custom Excel spreadsheet.

NotesIn9 198: Convert a Document to a Java Object in XPages 

By David Leedy | 8/25/16 4:32 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

NotesIn9 198: Convert a Document to a Java Object in XPages. In this show I show you how I typically go about converting a Domino Document to a pure Java Object.

NotesIn9 197: Sending Alert Messages to an XPage 

By David Leedy | 8/25/16 4:31 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

In this show I’ll demo a little thing I do where I combine page controllers with a custom java object and the Bootstrap CSS Framework from the Extension Library to easily send useful alert messages back to the user.

NotesIn9 196: No Dependency Page Controllers 

By David Leedy | 8/25/16 4:27 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

We’ve talked about using page controllers before on the show, but typically I’ve used an external library. Today I’ll show a way to get started with page controllers with no external dependency. I consider my move to page controllers as one of the best things I’ve ever done as an XPages Developer.

NotesIn9 195: Use XPages To Fill a PDF Form 

By David Leedy | 8/25/16 4:26 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

In this show I demonstrate how to take an existing PDF form, and use iText from inside XPages to populate fields on the form.

NotesIn9 194: Upload Files With PLUpload 

By David Leedy | 8/25/16 4:25 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Who likes the built in XPages File Upload Control? Well not me at least. In this show I’ll demo how to use PLUpload to better upload multiple files to your XPages application.

NotesIn9 193: Force User Logout from XPages 

By David Leedy | 8/25/16 4:23 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

In this show I’ll demo how you can add some code to your application to force a user to logout after a certain period of inactivity. Thanks to Steve Zavocki for the original blog post that this show is based on.

Why Graph? 

By Paul Withers | 8/25/16 7:53 AM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by Oliver Busse

The bulk of my experience with application development has been building workflow-related rich client and web applications on NoSQL databases, typically IBM Domino. The challenge in the Notes Client was to provide dashboard-style displays and a good way to display documents for action by the current individual.

IBM Domino App Dev Hits the Headlines 

By Paul Withers | 8/25/16 6:57 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

IBM Domino has always been very active within Germany. So it’s no surprise that online IT journal Heise Online published an article summarising recent blog posts about the current state of application development for the IBM Domino platform. IBM have shown a commitment to the platform for mail, always quick to say that Verse is still IBM Domino at the backend and already providing a closed beta for the on premises version of Verse.

Slides (and thoughts) from MWLUG – XPages & jQuery DataTables 

By Michael G. Smith | 8/24/16 8:18 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

Last week at MWLUG in Austin I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to speak for the first time at a conference. I was very happy with the turnout for my session as well as the positive feedback from the content. I even got a thank you at the airport on the way out of town.

MWLUG Success and some thoughts on themes of the conference 

By Eric McCormick | 8/24/16 7:45 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

MWLUG was a great success as far as I’m concerned. Each time I’ve gone I’ve had the great enjoyment of being able to attend some high quality sessions, meet with lots of colleagues and friends from the community, and get a view into products and solutions many people are undertaking, over conversations and interactions outside of the sessions.

Quo vadis, IBM? 

By Oliver Busse | 8/23/16 3:20 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Hard times for us hardcore Domino developers. No IBM Domino release announced for 12 months on any conference or user group meetup. Extended support announcement for the current version (9.0.1) until 2019 (2017 +2 years). No major release for over 3 years. Above repeated for at least 4 user group events in this year.

IBM Notes Domino And XPages Strikes Back 

By John Oldenburger | 8/23/16 3:16 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

There has recently been a lot synisme, criticism and negativity about Notes Domino and XPages. If you believe the latest tweets and blog post it seems as if Notes Domino and XPages as an application platform is depreciated by the community and everyone is looking for alternatives.

ICON UK & Spark Ideas 

By Gabriella Davis | 8/22/16 5:31 PM | Community - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

I’m very pleased to say that i’ll be speaking at Icon UK being held in London from Sept 15th – 16th at IBM South Bank. The only user group event all year I get to travel to from home..

MWLUG Presentations & Wrap Up 

By Gabriella Davis | 8/22/16 4:22 PM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

After serveral weeks travelling around the US doing work and visiting friends we ended up in Autin for MWLUG. Another great event organised by Richard Moy and the team with lots of great sessions including Scott Souder’s session on IBM Verse, more on Project Toscana and Ben Langhinrichs’ on Data Visualisation which is an area I’m working a lot in right now.

MWLUG 2016 Recap 

By David Hablewitz | 8/22/16 3:00 PM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

This year MWLUG was held in Austin, TX. I gave a presentation on Best Practices for Administrators Before, During and After a move to SmartCloud Notes. Here are my slides.

Bye bye Domino! 

By Martin Jinoch | 8/22/16 9:34 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

First time I was planning to "abandon" Domino as my primary application platform around 2002, when I decided to switch to Java. A decision that has proven to be very wise during last 14 years.

NotesIn9 is “Hiring”. 

By David Leedy | 8/22/16 9:19 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

I’m looking to find someone to act as an “XPages Producer” for NotesIn9. This is a volunteer position. This person would actively recruit and work with contributors of XPages related content. This person does not have to produce their own demos but of course that interest and ability would be encouraged.

MWLUG 2016 Slides 

By Jesse Gallagher | 8/20/16 7:15 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

I just returned from this year's MWLUG, held in surprisingly-rainy Austin, Texas. As every year, MWLUG is an outstanding event, particularly for a development crowd (though I think admins get tons of material too). I'm definitely looking forward to next year's in DC, and not merely because that's a pretty quick drive for me.

Thank you, Pete! 

By René Winkelmeyer | 8/19/16 6:42 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

An era ends. Pete(r) Janzen’s last working day at IBM is TODAY. Time to say the most important things… Pete, it was always a pleasure to work (and party ;-)) with you. I want to say THANK YOU – for everything you’ve done! You were and will always be part of the community.

XPages Tip: Set Date/Time fields in Doc with Date or Time Only 

By John Jardin | 8/18/16 9:21 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

In your XPages app, you can use an EditBox control and set it’s display type to be a Date/Time control with certain formats. 2 examples are Date only or Time only. This all works great, except when you want to save these values to a Notes Document either via SSJS or Java.

SSJS Revisited: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 

By Paul Withers | 8/17/16 1:42 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

It is a number of years now since I decided to commit to Java, for a number of reasons. A little while after starting with Java I had a discussion with Tim Tripcony. Typically for Tim he explained exactly what SSJS was, which makes all those limitations totally understandable and reinforced my conviction that less SSJS and more Java was a no-brainer.

XPages ${} risk of code injection possible workaround 

By Martin Pradny | 8/15/16 4:31 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

I wasn't happy with findings in my previous post, because it can lead to security issues, but also can have performance hit when you actually need dynamic evaluation of injected code (I use it for app localization and few other use cases). After some digging I came to conclusion that it can't be easily changed/overridden.

Pete Janzen: Lotus Legend 

By Peter Presnell | 8/14/16 5:54 PM | Community - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

Many years ago I launched a web site called Lotus Legends that recognized the contributions made by many people inside and outside IBM to the Lotus Notes product. I retired the site after IBM announced its IBM Champions program. While both sought to provide recognition of the many contributions made by our community the two programs differed in three distinct ways