This Week in Lotus 114 - Engage!

This Week in Lotus | 5 hours ago | Community - Events / People

Recorded during the Engage user group in Breda, Netherlands on 18th March 2014, live in front of a select audience! Stuart met with a panel featuring Tom Smith, Sean Cull, Simon Peek, Erik Vos, Oliver Heinz and Martin Jinoch to discuss the conference, the agenda, the keynotes, the social events and much more....

Angular.js in XPages series

Mark Roden | 5 hours ago | App Dev - XPages

Angular.js is an Open Source (MIT) JavaScript framework created and maintained by Google. It is designed to help web developers create quick and functional applications, while reducing the overhead of data binding and state management. Angular.js is all front-end, 100%, JavaScript based. But as in any useful application there needs to be a back end to provide and manipulate the data. In the XPages case this would be Java.

Dojo in XPages – 20: Handling Successful or Failed AJAX Requests

Brad Balassaitis | 6 hours ago | App Dev - XPages

In the last post, I showed how to use an xhr.get() request in Dojo to asynchronously retrieve information from a REST service. In this post, we’ll look at how to execute code when the request is completed or returns an error within an example that demonstrates how to display the response (or an error message) on the page.

XPages OpenLog Logger v5.0

Paul Withers | 6 hours ago | App Dev - XPages

Events in my personal life took over at the end of March, and I realised I had not yet blogged about the last release of XPages OpenLog Logger. This had a number of feature enhancements.

Today in APIs: DPLA Expands Offerings, and 12 New APIs

ProgrammableWeb | 9 hours ago | App Dev - Web

Collaboration Today API: OpenNTF provides a framework for developing and hosting open source projects. The Collaboration Today API can retrieve information from OpenNTF, including the URLs for projects, the names of projects, short project descriptions, a project’s creation date, the date of the last release, project owners and contributors, a project’s GitHub name and URL, the person who uploaded a given release, and more.

StackOverflow-like XPages App

Niklas Heidloff | 1 day ago | App Dev - Open Source

My colleague Atsushi Sato notified me that a team of six Japanese IBM Collaboration Solutions business partners, the Kyushu Notes Partner Group, is implementing an XPages based questions and answers a ...

Turning the Tide to Better Stewardship Through Social Activation

IBM Social Business Insights Blog | 2 days ago | Business - Social Business

Paddling a mile off the coast of Monterey Bay, we watch a couple of humpback whales feeding on krill as they stop to rest on their journey down the coast to Baja. Looking down in the water we could see schools of fish passing under. Michelle stops paddling,...

Mastering XPages 2nd Edition Released

Paul Withers | 2 days ago | App Dev - XPages

Mastering XPages has been released today by IBM Press, as followers of Twitter or anyone who pre-ordered the book from IBM Press. Amazon will be shipping shortly. I had the honour or being one of the technical editors of the book and it is well worth investing in.

Benefits and features of IBM SmartCloud Notes - Thoughts on Cloud

Thiago Viola | 2 days ago | App Dev - Cloud

The general availability of IBM SmartCloud Notes, based on the software as a service (SaaS), has been announced and is ready to use. IBM SmartCloud Notes provides a lot of services to help you work. IBM has integrated the essential tools for social business in the cloud: enterprise-grade file sharing, communities, instant messaging, web meetings, user profiles, mail and calendar. The SmartCloud Notes solution was designed to let you work seamlessly with people inside and outside of your organization.

Understanding Twitter Bootstrap 3

Syed Fazle Rahman | 2 days ago | App Dev - XPages

Version 3 of Twitter Bootstrap is a major change from all its past versions. It is a mobile-first framework and can claim to be one of the best CSS frameworks for building responsive website designs.

Why Website Design Needs to Go Beyond Color

TAMMY GUY | 2 days ago | App Dev - Web

In general - but particularly in the design world - color is a powerful tool. It conveys moods and emotions, adds presence to designs, and builds brand identities. All too often...

Dojo in XPages – 19: Using AJAX to Retrieve Data from a REST Service

Brad Balassaitis | 2 days ago | App Dev - XPages

AJAX is a critical component to creating applications that are highly responsive (performance-wise) in the browser. When you initiate an asynchronous request, the rest of the page is not blocked while some server action is executed. AJAX wrapper classes are built into the Dojo base module, so they’re automatically available to use in XPages.

Thank you, Philippe Riand

Niklas Heidloff | 2 days ago | Community - Events / People

Last week Phil posted that he's "picking up new challenges in a much smaller company". I've had the pleasure to work with Phil for more than five years almost on a daily basis. I've learned a lot from ...

Adding custom HTTP headers to Domino R9 using IBM HTTP Server (IHS)

Mark Roden | 2 days ago | App Dev - XPages

IBM HTTP Server (IHS) was added to R9 so that we could have TLS support for HTTPS encryption. Under the covers IHS is really a modified version of Apache Web server and comes with some of the Apache options. It gives us the ability to add custom headers to all pages served up by the server.

A more advanced Java EE application on BlueMix: CloudTrader

IBM Corp. | 2 days ago | App Dev - Cloud

Follow this tutorial to learn how to bring code from JazzHub to your Eclipse workspace, build and deploy the application to BlueMix, and consume database and analytics services on the cloud.

Improving the Responsivness of an XPage/Custom Control with a View Panel in Domino Designer

Brad Balassaitis | 2 days ago | App Dev - XPages

In his presentation during the recent TLCC webinar, Mark Roden had some great tips on speeding up Domino Designer. During the open Q&A period, a question about improving the responsivness of DDE with a page containing a view panel was raised. In this post, I’ll provide a few tips to help.

Mark you calendars: Introducing IBM Connections Next !

Luis Benitez | 2 days ago | App Dev - Social

In less than a month, IBM will be introducing the newest, latest, and greatest release of IBM Connections. Some of the latest capabilities were shown during the keynote demo at IBM Connect 2014. Now, it's time to unveil everything that we've been working on for the past year or so and bring it to you. The official unveiling will happen on May 21st so mark your calendars ! As we've done in[...]

We Are Star Stuff

Rudy Karson | 2 days ago | Business - Social Business

I loved these inspiring words from astronomer Carl Sagan to...

By 2019, Most Developers in the World will live in India! IBM Loves India INNOVATION!

Sandy Carter | 3 days ago | Business - Social Business

Today, the developer ecosystem in India is the second largest in the world, and by 2019, it will be the largest in the world.  There are about 18.2 million software developers worldwide, a number that is due to rise to 26.4 million by 2019, a 45% increase, says Evans Data Corp. in its latest Global […]

May 7 Live Q&A with Daniel Nashed: Best practices to run IBM Domino 64-bit

SocialBiz User Group | 3 days ago | -

More and more customers are looking to IBM Domino 64-bit. Though customers were once reluctant to migrate, updates in the release of IBM Domino 9 have made IBM Domino 64-bit much more attractive to deploy. What are the advantages of moving to IBM Domino 64-bit and how can you ensure a streamlined upgrade for your system?

Get 5 minute tips on IBM Connections -- every day!

Luis Benitez | 3 days ago | App Dev - XPages

If you got here, you are either a regular subscriber to this blog, a fan of IBM Connections, or you are looking for tips and tricks to get the most value out of the enterprise social collaboration platform.

IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: Implementing an Interactive Map Widget within IBM Cognos Business Insight and IBM Cognos Workspace

IBM developerWorks | 3 days ago | Community - Showcases

This document provides the steps required to implement an interactive map widget for use with IBM Cognos 10.1.1 Business Insight.

Social is ‘the new intelligence for business’: A Q&A with Scott Hebner, IBM

Natalie Miller | 7 days ago | -

Today, just about every organization embraces social media as a driver of success. But the true value of social goes well beyond these platforms alone, says Scott Hebner, Vice President, Social Business Solutions at IBM.* The social mindset is evolving, and the successful business of the future is a social business.

5 Tips to Encourage User Adoption of Social Business Tools

SocialBiz User Group | 1 week ago | Business - Social Business

Simply having tools available within your enterprise for Social Business is not enough to ensure adoption. You need to help the users see the value they will gain through their use. Once value has been demonstrated you need to nurture their learning for ongoing exploration.

Testing your Java code in XPages (part 1)

Martin Pradny | 1 week ago | App Dev - XPages

This topic will lead to a series of articles. It depends how deep I will get, but I will try to stay as much general as possible and avoid solutions that work just in my current case.

Shared folders – potential security issue

Femke Goedhart | 1 week ago | Business - Social Business

IBM Connections allows users to share personal folders with groups, communities and users. An ideal option to share sets of documents/files with multiple target audiences at the same time. There are however some caveats. Especially in situations where Shared Folders are used to share potentially sensitive information with Restricted (secured) communities.

Register Now for the OpenNTF Annual General Meeting

OpenNTF | 1 week ago | Community - Events / People

On Thursday, April 17, 2013 from 11am-12pm EDT, OpenNTF will host its Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the activities and direction of OpenNTF to participate in discussions on the future of OpenNTF.

Add email snooze to your IBM Notes Mail

Thomas Adrian | 1 week ago | App Dev - Social

The mailbox app in appstore have a really nice feature, it let's you snooze your email for a custom time and bring it back as a new mail when the time is reached. So I did a quick test to see if I could do something similar in IBM Notes mail, and this is what I came up with.

Recycling in Java, or The importance of not cutting the branch you sit on

Fredrik Malmborg | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

I have been coding rather advanced Java applications a couple of years ago. It was then totally out of the Domino sphere. Recently I have began to code some Java agents for Domino, and the basic principles are not that hard to get. Anyway I did hit an issue with recycle and response documents.

Adding Event Handlers to Font Awesome Icons in XPages

Brad Balassaitis | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages

In the previous two posts, I showed how to implement Font Awesome in XPages and two options for adding icons to your page. In this post, I’ll show how you can add event handlers so that you can trigger an action when a user clicks on an icon.