3 Approaches to XPages Development Developers Should Know

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XPages is a powerful technology for Web and mobile app development, allowing data from IBM Notes and Relational Databases to be presented across all platforms. This power makes XPages a fantastic tool for IBM Notes and Domino developers. But since its introduction, developers have identified different approaches to solving common XPages problems.

9 Web Design Trends Set to Dominate 2015

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The web design industry has not remained immune from the changes that the World Wide Web has seen over the decades. New trends have come and gone. Web designers who have learned to adapt to these changes continue to thrive while others, who choose not to move...

AdminP Move User - Access Rights seem not to work in Domino 9.0.1FP1 and how to work around

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Moving mail files from server to server is a simple task, AdminP handles this job properly. It does even work across domains... and it worked perfectly in numerous projects in the past. Until today when I ran into a problem where the same process 'all of a sudden' (**what else**) caused an error in AdminP - but only for a specific group of destination servers.

Allow only one open browser window/tab per user/application

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The snippet can be used as a Custom Control "UniqueBrowserTab" and be integrated into every XPages or e.g. into application layout's Custom Control with <xc:UniqueBrowserTab />. It expects an additional XPage Error.xsp with an error message (like "you can't open a second browser window/tab for this application") which has not included the Custom Control "UniqueBrowserTab".

Announcing the availability of the Totally Unofficial Totally Unsupported IBM ConnectED Session Database

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A couple of years a group of enterprising individuals picked up the mantle left by Ben Langhinrichs and created the IBM Connect 2013 and 2014 session databases. This year the conference has been renamed to IBM ConnectED, which of course would not be complete without the communities Totally Unofficial, Totally Unsupported IBM Notes Session Database.

Attend the DeveloperWeek Hackathon to learn IBM Bluemix and win Prizes

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On February 7th and 8th DeveloperWeek will host a big hackathon for 1000 developers as a kick-off to the DeveloperWeek conference in the following week. IBM will demonstrate IBM Bluemix at the conference and will also host one of the challenges of the hackathon, called the IBM Bluemix challenge. Each member of the winning team will receive a LG G Watch Powered by Android Wear.

Bluemix Updates: IBM MobileFirst & More!

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We’re following up some cool Bluemix updates near the end of 2014 with more exciting updates to kick off 2015. The latest refresh includes: Integration of the IBM MobileFirst Platform for iOS (beta) making it easier than ever to create high-powered iOS apps with Bluemix. Enhancements to the iOS Solutions page including getting started references and the ability to create samples.

Building Java Objects From JSON

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JSON, as previously mentioned, is a data format which has been exploding in web development since it was first introduced in the early 2000s. And whether or not you as a developer prefer XML (it’s okay, they’re just formats), there are some good reasons to use JSON data.

ConnectED 2015 Opening General Session Recap

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ConnectED 2015 Opening General Session Recap. Chris Miller, Julian Robichaux, and Carl Tyler give their reaction to the opening session at the ConnectED 2015 conference in Orlando.

ConnectED Session Slides BP102: Practical IBM Notes and Domino Internet Security

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Today I had the pleasure to present with Dave Kern about Domino internet security. Now that the presentation is public, I can speak about all the details that we presented. See the slides for all details. We covered what is already available in 9.0.1 FP3 and what is coming after FP3 quite soon. In the session demo we had a the SSL Test website showing a A- up to A+ rating depending on the configuration.

Creating a meeting in the UI in #IBMNotes

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When we tout the advantages of using Notes, one of the key points we always mention is the tight integration between Notes applications and Notes mail. Part of this ought to be tight integration with calendaring and scheduling. Oddly, I’ve never written an application that has any interface with the user’s calendar. This had to change.

Data Synchronization and Offline iOS Apps with IBM Bluemix

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One of the main benefits of IBM Notes is the ability to access applications when you're offline. There is a built-in replication functionality that takes care about data synchronization between clients and servers. I've always liked that capability since even today, for various reasons, people are not always online. Yesterday I played with a very similar feature - data synchronization and offline iOS apps with IBM Bluemix.

Data View with a NotesViewEntryCollection

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So I've been wanting to use a Date View for a while, but I've not had the time I need to sit down and puzzle it out. And (soap box here) the examples given are pretty complex. I do have a sample based on Brad's work that I will be posting. But as I get that together, here is a tidbit. When you use a Data View, you are only given the option of selecting a Domino View. I wanted to see if you could do it with a collection.

Demonstrations of Advanced Techniques using the XPages Mobile Controls

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Introduction to Mobile XPages Development - Part 3 - Demonstrations of Advanced Techniques using the XPages Mobile Controls. Part 3 of the Introduction to Mobile XPages Development video blog series at www.pauldn.com.

Diving into Bootstrap and Font Awesome – Part 3: Displaying / Hiding Content Based on Device Type

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When designing an application, that is going to be used on different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), your design for each of the devices might be very different from each other. Thus, you need to make sure that each design is only being displayed on the device type, it was designed for. Obviously, you can create different custom controls that will contain the UI for the different devices. But how to hide or display them?

Do it yourself: Build a remote surveillance app using Bluemix, Cloudant, and Raspberry Pi

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To build a simple surveillance system, create an IBM Bluemix app to send pictures taken by the camera module of a Raspberry Pi device to Cloudant and how to use Node.js to display them on a web page.

Document dependent inline forms

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In Notes client applications we are used to opening any document from a view and get it redered with the form specified in the Form (or the view's form formula). XPages behaves in a similar fashion when using the view control. However both approached open a new page (a tab in the Notes client, replaceing the current window in a browser).

Embed IBM Bluemix News on your own Websites

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You can follow IBM Bluemix News in various ways. In addition to visiting the website Bluemix.info you can leverage the API to display the same news also on your own websites. In order to work cross domain, the API supports JSONP. Check out the source of the sample page which invokes the API via jQuery. Furthermore you can subscribe to the Bluemix.info feed.

File Upload in Classic Domino Web using jQuery and Bootstrap

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This week I was asked to create a simple web form where customers could fill out a few fields, attach two files and submit it for review. The document with the information and attachments are saved into a Domino database, so it can be processed thought the Notes client by the internal staff. These days I mainly use Bootstrap (and jQuery) to design the webpages, since Bootstrap makes it very quick and easy to get a nice clean look of the page

Fun with POI4XPages and Maven

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It's been long since I wrote my last post. For part of that period I completely left world of Domino and XPages. During that time also many interesting XPages technologies and project appeared or got more popular. One of them is build automation using Maven, so my plan for holidays was to check recent posts from Christian and Jesse about mavenization of XPages libraries.

Generating a keyring file with a third party CA SHA-2 cert using OpenSSL and KYRTool on a Windows workstation

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Before you begin, note the following information about running KYRTool & OpenSSL If you have a command line parameter with spaces in it, such as the path to a file, the space can cause the command line to be read incorrectly, resulting in errors. This can affect running commands for both OpenSSL and KYRTool To include a space in a parameter, the parameter must be delimited with quotation marks. For example, if Notes were installed in the Program Files directory, then the command line for creating a keyring might look like this

Gridx in XPages – 20: Improving Memory Management with Virtual Scrolling

By Brad Balassaitis | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

Gridx will render DOM elements for every row in the data store by default, but this can be a very inefficient use of memory and can hurt performance. In this post, I’ll show how to add virtual scrolling to the grid in order to minimize the number of DOM elements required at any given point […]

Gridx in XPages – 21: Maintaining Grid State Between Sessions

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Users often want to maintain the state of a data display so it can be automatically restored the next time they view that page. The Persist module of Gridx does just that. Simply by adding the module to the grid, settings are preserved between sessions. In this post, I’ll show how to add it and list several features that are persisted.

Gridx in XPages – 22: Row Selection

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Gridx in XPages – 22: Row Selection In order to take action on data in the grid, you need to be able to select one or more rows. In this post, I’ll show 3 different modules that provide grid row selection and highlight the differences between them. Gridx Series Gridx in XPages — Entire Series […]

Gridx in XPages – 23: Rearranging Columns with Drag and Drop

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Gridx can provide users the ability to rearrange content via drag and drop. This can be very handy in making a grid more flexible, which can, in turn, cut down the number of views or grids that you need to provide. In this post, I’ll show how to implement column drag and drop. To rearrange columns, do the following.

Gridx in XPages – 24: Adding Toolbars to the Grid Header

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Gridx provides the ability to add a toolbar with buttons at the top and/or bottom of the grid. In this post, I’ll show how to implement it.

Gridx in XPages – 25: Customizing the Top and Bottom Bars

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In the last post, I showed how to add a button toolbar to the grid. In this post I’ll show a few more ways to customize the top and bottom bars. Picking up from where we left off last time with a button toolbar added to the top of the grid, we now have a grid where there’s a button toolbar left justified on the top line. The Bar contents are added in a table structure, so you can modify it to pass styling to update the layout as desired.

Gridx in XPages – 26: Column and Row Locking

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Another handy feature of Gridx is the ability to lock one or more columns or rows in place while you scroll through the grid. It’s similar to the Freeze Panes feature of Excel, although you can only lock one or the other at a time. In this post, I’ll show how to implement column and row locking. When you lock one or more columns, they remain in place on the left side of the grid.

Gridx in XPages – 27: Exporting to Excel

By Brad Balassaitis | 6 days ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

No application would be complete without the ability to export all of the data to Excel. In reality, this request still comes up a lot, so it’s a very handy feature that Gridx provides the ability to export the grid data. In this post, I’ll show what the exporter module provides, the easy way to send the data in CSV format, and how to tie the process together.

Holiday Hack: Get some XPage power in old Notes apps

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One of the great things with XPages is the partial refresh that help you to update information inside the page without a full reload of the page. Well that is not possible with older notes applications because it does a full roundtrip to the server each time we change something. But we can update the screen without the users notice it with ajax.