A Note About Installing the OpenNTF API RC2 Release

By Jesse Gallagher | 1 month ago | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by

In the latest release of the OpenNTF Domino API, the installation process has changed a bit, which is most notable for Designer. The reason for this is due to the weird requirements in Designer for properly getting source and documentation working. When downloading the file, instead of the previous Eclipse update sites, there are two Update Site NSFs: one for Designer and one for Domino. There are a couple ways you can use these:

A fix for dijit comboboxes in iOS8

By Troy Reimer | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

iOS8 poses a problem for XPages applications using dojo dijits. I need to be able to fix this issue for Domino 9.0.1FP2 which has dojo 1.9.2. After a bit of pain and suffering, I believe that I have a solution and I wanted to share it with the community.

Building an App with the frostillic.us Framework, Part 7

By Jesse Gallagher | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

Well, it's been much longer than planned, and this topic isn't actually particularly groundbreaking, but the series returns!

Cast, Counted and Audited - Here are the results of the OpenNTF Board Election!

By OpenNTF | 3 weeks ago | Community - Events / People | Added by

The votes have been cast, counted and audited, and OpenNTF has a renewed slate of Directors, five of whom are joining the Board for the first time.

Client-Side JavaScript Debugging Tip — Using XSP.dumpObject() and XSP.log()

By Brad Balassaitis | 4 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

The XSP object is a client-side JavaScript object that is built and delivered by the XPages runtime and it contains a number of useful functions, some of which are always available and some of which are context-specific. In this post, I’ll show two functions that are useful for client-side JavaScript debugging.

Computing a document UNID

By Oliver Busse | 5 days ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

This example uses the OpenNTF Domino API I went into some trouble the past weekend so I decided to blog about on how to compute a valid document UNID when opening a document from e.g. a view control or other repeating controls you have in XPages.

ConnectED 2015 Call for abstracts and track descriptions

By SocialBiz User Group | 3 weeks ago | Business - Social Business | Added by

IBM ConnectED 2015 will take place January 25-28 in Orlando. There are a few more changes than normal this time – most noticeably, the conference name is new, and it’s going to be much smaller this year than in previous years. Kristin Keene has already provided some background on what other changes we can expect this year.

Create your own Watson Q and A example with Bluemix, Webstorm and Jazz Hub « Xomino

By Mark Roden | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - Cloud | Added by

In this article I will demonstrate how to get up and running with one of the Bluemix/Watson service examples. I will be using the example provided by IBM in their documentation as the basis for the article but the way in which I achieved the final goal was quite different from the way that they explained it in the example.

Custom control to display a My Communities list

By Patrick Kwinten | 3 days ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

In the managed bean I described in an earlier post there was a method to return a list of communities in IBM Connections where the authenticated user is member of (getMyCommunities()). So what can you do with it? In IBM Connections when you section Communities \ I'm a Member you get to see a list…

Develop and manage Java Apps with IBM Bluemix and DevOps Services

By IBM developerWorks | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - Cloud | Added by

Lauren Schaefer shows how easy it is to plan, track, and manage an agile Java development project with IBM DevOps Services.

Domino OSGI (Part 4) - Deploy a custom plugin to Domino Designer

By John Cooper | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

In my previous post I walked through creating a simple layout control as an OSGI plugin. The next step is to deploy the control to designer this is where the set up we did in part 2 comes in.

Domino SSL Fixes Coming: "Dis is good!"

By Russell Maher | 4 days ago | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by

As Nicolas Cages tells Cher in Moonstruck when he's eating the steak she cooked for him... "'Dis is good." IBM released two technotes today regarding SSL and Domino. I do wish this would have happened sooner but I can tell you from a lot of life experience that "late" is truly better than "never." Domino peeps will be able to support TLS 1.0 and disable SSLv3 support (to protect themselves from POODLE without a proxy server) AND support for SHA2 SSL/TLS certificates is also coming. If you want to get to TLS1.2, you'll still need to proxy your Domino server but this is still a very good, very welcome announcement!

Google Hangout Replay: A Social Business, Cloud, Mobile and IBM Connections Conversation

By Luis Benitez | 2 weeks ago | Business - Social Business | Added by

Last week I had the opportunity to try out Google Hangout On Air. It's been something that I've wanted to try for a while and with the latest cloud release of IBM Connections last week, it would be a good time to try it out. Joining me is Luis Suarez (no, not the guy who bites), an independent social business advisor and Simon Vaughan, an IBM Champion and one of the organizers of Social Connec[...]

Here is a freely available VM to reverse proxy Domino - shoot the poodle

By Darren Duke | 1 week ago | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by

In an effort to help Domino customers mitigate the disaster that is the SSLv3 Poodle bug, I am providing the virtual machine linked at the bottom of this post. Note, you can also use the IBM HTTP Server bundled with R9 if you are on a Windows server....if that is the case, stop reading.

Hootsuite Now Integrates with IBM Connections Social Cloud

By Luis Benitez | 1 week ago | Business - Social Business | Added by

Now, this is HUGE! Today Hootsuite has announced their new capabilities now with added support for IBM Connections Social Cloud. Check out their announcement here. The IBM Connections app for Hootsuite is now available in the Hootsuite App Directory.

How To Move Jive Content to IBM Connections

By Luis Benitez | 4 days ago | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by

I wanted to highlight our automated migration tools that we can use to move people, content and places from your existing solution into IBM Connections.

How to use TLS and SHA-2 certificates in Domino Web Service Consumer

By Sasa Brkic | 3 days ago | App Dev - Web | Added by

We have a solution that is used by thousands of public sector workers. The solution relies heavily on interacting with various web services provided by the tax authority, social welfare and health authorities and others. So we have a lots of Domino web service consumers and providers that require both SSL and authentication using certificates. Like many others we were aware of Domino's lack of support for TLS and SHA-2, but the web services providers were not insisting on them, so everything worked fine. Until last Friday, when one after the other turned off support for SSL v3. We could just watch as all our consumers stopped working. Despite the recent technotes (1418982 and 1687167) stating that the fix will be available in "the next several weeks", we needed a working solution immediately. We are familiar and have been using reverse proxies before. But it didn't seem they could be used in our case. A reverse proxy is often positioned in front of a server (provider), but in this case our Domino servers were clients (consumers). But, it turns out that you actually can use reverse proxy even in this use case.

IBM ConnectED 2015 Call for Abstracts is now extended to Oct.15!

By IBM Corp. | 2 weeks ago | Business - Social Business | Added by

Good news! Call for abstracts is now extended to Oct.15! (via @IBMConnect)

IBM Digital Experience wiki : IBM Digital Experience 2014 - Video Series

By IBM Corp. | 2 weeks ago | Community - Showcases | Added by

Learn about the market-leading IBM Digital Experience software that allows organizations to create customized digital experiences.

Installing Nginx Reverse Proxy on CentOS for Domino Our Experience

By Richard Moy | 4 weeks ago | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by

Over the past few weeks there has been a significant number of discussions about Domino and the lack of SHA-2 support. Jesse Gallagher had an entire MWLUG 2014 session on this very topic. When I ask Jesse to present on this topic, unbeknownst to me what a hot topic this would become and so timely. First, IBM should have fixed these problems years ago. For us this is a critical issue that if not addressed will kill the market for Domino.

Integrating the Bluemix Watson Translation service into an XPages application

By Mark Roden | 6 days ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

In this article I will demonstrate how to integrate the Bluemix Watson Translation service into a functioning XPages application.

Interview with Christian Gudemann: OpenNTF and the importance of open source

By SocialBiz User Group | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - Open Source | Added by

Christian Güdemann was kind enough to share some time with me today to discuss OpenNTF and open source.

Join me on October 22nd for a “Bluemix Girls Night Out”!!!

By Sandy Carter | 2 weeks ago | Business - Social Business | Added by

Gang!   I would love to see you in NYC for a “Bluemix Girls Night Out!”   On October 22, 2014, IBM will be hosting a Bluemix Girls’ Night Out event for Digital.NYC at our offices at 590 Madison Avenue! The event will be a fun filled night to build skills especially on our IBM BluemixTM […]

Linux Bash Bug - Shellshock - is Real: Get Patched (AIX, Mac Too)

By Bill Malchisky | 1 month ago | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by

This is ugly, but fortunately you just have to update to a fixed Bash version and you are fine (for now). No need to reboot your system either. Red Hat is out early on this and escalated this appropriately.

Mac Yosemite, Java, IBM Notes

By Mikkel Heisterberg | 1 week ago | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by

After upgrading my Mac to OS X Yosemite (10.10) I had to reinstall Java to make IBM Notes startup.

Notes Speak: My First Experience Using the JSON-RPC Service.

By Steve Zavocki | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

This is one of those posts, where I am writing to my future self so that I can remember all that I learned about using the JSON-RPC service.

NotesIn9 156: Introduction to Custom Renderers in XPages

By David Leedy | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

In this show, Jesse Gallagher officially starts the NotesIn9 Hackathon with a great introduction on “custom renderers” in XPages. While this seems to be a really scary topic, Jesse explains it in a way that even I can grasp it.

NotesIn9 157: Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome

By David Leedy | 3 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

In this show Dan Friedrich, a brand new contributor joins the Hackathon! He’s a customer (like me!) that’s been doing a lot with XPages. He’s going to talk about using Bootstrap and Font Awesome in your XPages applications. Before the demo I take a little time to update the status of the XPages Mobile Controls […]

NotesIn9 158: Intro to the Frostillicus Framework

By David Leedy | 2 weeks ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

In this show Jesse Gallagher returns to give us an introduction to this amazing Framework he’s created to try and improve the XPages coding experience. I can’t say that I totally “get it” yet BUT it looks VERY interesting. I have so far taken the “controller” piece from the framework and I’m successfully using that […]

NotesIn9 159: Introduction to Select2 in XPages

By David Leedy | 1 week ago | App Dev - XPages | Added by

In this show, John Oldenburger, a wonderful new contributor and XPages XPert joins the Hackathon to show us how to use the Select2 project to improve your applications.