10 Lines or Less: Demo App and Slides

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10 Lines or Less; Interesting Things You Can Do In Java With Minimal Code: Demo App and Slides. Julian Robichaux and I presented “10 Lines or Less: Interesting Things You Can Do With Java” at IBM ConnectED this January. As promised (if not a bit delayed), here is the sample app, and a link to the slides.

5 Great Summaries of ConnectED 2015 for IBM Notes Users

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There was a lot to be seen at this year’s IBM Collaboration Solutions conference in Orlando. IBM ConnectED 2015 kept attendees busy networking, learning about the latest technologies, and enjoying special events. If you missed a few things or couldn't make it to IBM ConnectED this year, here are five great IBM Notes blogs that recap the conference.

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI

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I found this two-part article about web design very interesting and want to share it. I am very similar to the author, I have also learned what looks good by looking at sites. In the end, I learned the aesthetics of apps the same way I’ve learned any creative endeavor: cold, hard analysis. And shameless copying of what works. I’ve worked 10 hours on a UI project and billed for 1.

A Case of Case

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We all know that XPages URLs are case sensitive. So for a page “Domino_ViewState.xsp”, you cannot use “domino_viewstate.xsp”. However, what’s not so widely known is that the URLs are only case sensitive after the first character. So both “Domino_ViewState.xsp” and “domino_ViewState.xsp” will work for opening the XPage.

A Deep Dive into Security Management for IBM Notes Organizations

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Security management for IBM Notes organizations encompasses measures taken to prevent exceptions in the security of an application, or the underlying system, through flaws in the design, development, or deployment of an application. If you read our recent blog post, A Data Security Monitoring Plan for IBM Notes Organizations, you’ve seen our suggested directives and measureable criteria for a security management policy.

A Quick Note on JARs

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Either I just didn’t know that this was a viable option or we’ve all been living in the dark for too long. My suspicion is the former, but what follows is a quick run down of my preferred approach for using the com.google.gson library (or any JAR), server-wide (without OSGi deployment). TLDR; drop it in <install>/jvm/lib/ext/ and restart your Domino server (don’t forget to do it with your local/dev environment as well).

About Data Presentation: a TLCC & Teamstudio Webinar

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I am honored and proud to present with Paul Della-Nebbia in the upcoming webinar "Presenting Data - Two Alternatives to the View Control" that is co-hosted by TLCC and Teamstudio on March 17th. My part is based on my blog post that shows how to implement the jQuery plug-in "DataTables" into an XPages application to present Domino data.

Adding Themes to XPages Dojo Charts

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Since I first blogged about Dojo charting in XPages in 2009, quite a lot has changed with Dojo. Much of what I did then is still valid, including the additional JavaScript file I created at Lotusphere 2011 and contributed to OpenNTF for making the chart legend multi-column and allowing styling on it. However, when trying to add a different theme last week, I found the code I have used previously didn’t work.

Bluemix Is Evolving…In A Good Way

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A year ago when Bluemix was first released in beta it was marketed as a word class enterprise platform-as-a-service in the public cloud. Over the past year Bluemix has evolved in many ways, but two of them have started Bluemix down the path of being more than just a public PaaS.

Bluemix Java Developers: Your life just got a little easier!

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This week I got around to open sourcing a project I have been working and using for a little while. The project is called Bluemix Cloud Connectors. The libraries in this project are meant to make accessing credentials bound to your Java apps in Bluemix a little easier.

Bluemix and Watson find the healthiest and most affordable Spaces to live

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Last weekend the DeveloperWeek Hackathon took place where IBM hosted an IBM Bluemix Challenge. The winner of our challenge was the project "Hedge (Housing Edge)" developed by Evan Pun, Dong-han Yao, Zachary Zeleznick, Emma Marriott, Jae Young Ryoo, Ryan Ma and Emily Le. "Hedge (Housing Edge) is a web application that helps a renter/buyer visualize healthy spaces and housing affordability in your community.

Bluemix to manipulate and share Objects in Virtual Reality

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Last weekend the DeveloperWeek Hackathon took place where IBM hosted an IBM Bluemix Challenge. One of the winning projects was "CadSpace" which was developed by Aria Sabeti. “CadSpace enables you to manipulate objects in virtual reality, while sharing your vision in real-time with anyone in the world. One URL is all it takes to share visual ideas and get immediate feedback.

Boot your alerts in the … with bootAlert

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Unfortunately, due to the sudden illness and ultimate passing of a family member in the fall, it has been quite a while since I last blogged.  Hopefully, this post finds me getting back on the blogging horse to contribute some content to the Xpages/Domino community and bring some ideas I had been kicking around to fruition.

Creating a periodic array of dates in JavaScript

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So I am lazy - nothing new there. I am also a manager (nothing new there either unfortunately) and I track hours in a spreadsheet. Yes we have a proper system for hours tracking and billing but I am old school and I prefer the layout I created and have used for yeeeears. Anyway, so it is new project time and I need to create a set of dates from this Friday – every Friday out through the next 3 months.

Develop local, deploy (cloud) global - Java and CouchDB

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Leaving the cosy world of Domino Designer behind, venturing into IBM Bluemix, Java and Cloudant, I'm challenged with a new set of task to master. Spoiled by Notes where Ctrl+O gives you instant access to any application, regardless of being stored locally or on a server I struggled a little with my usual practise of develop local, deploy (Bluemix) global

Diving into Bootstrap and Font Awesome – Part 4: Gone with the Partial Refresh

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In Part 5 of my “Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome” series, I showed you, how you can add tooltips to your fields / buttons by using the attr properties and initializing it with an output script. If you used this technique, you might have noticed that, after a partial refresh, the tooltips’ Bootstrap rendering is gone.

Diving into Bootstrap and Font Awesome – Part 5: Checkbox Group

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If you want to style your XPages Checkbox Group with Bootstrap, simply wrap it inside a div with the class "checkbox" If you set the Checkbox Group's property "Layout" to "Vertical": It looks very nice: However, if you set the property "Layout" to "Horizontal", everything looks squashed together. There is no padding between the previous label and the next checkbox.

Domino and SSL ciphers. The server document may not be doing what we expect it to do

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Now, I'm back in the office it's time to address this. So based on that session it seems as if LDAP, SMTP, DIIOP, POP3 and IMAP (and Remote debug monitor?) protocols do not adhere to the cipher list in the server document (there was no mention of internet sites documents, but I would presume they are affected by this issue too).

Dynamically changing form labels into placeholders for mobile devices

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When building a mobile interface with bootstrap, one design option is to use placeholders to signify the field label. This approach has many critics who questions the page accessibility, the fact that when you click into the field and start typing you lose the context, and so on. It is however an approach which is frequently used. In this article I wanted to show how I made the PSC contest submission form go from “Labels” to “placeholders” using media queries.

Easily Secure Your Bluemix Apps With Auth0

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A topic that often comes up when I speak to other developers building apps on Bluemix is authentication. Many developers are comfortable with securing their apps in traditional development models. In the cloud, authentication is often slightly different. For example, you must store session data in an external data store instead of relying on what the app container provides.

Email Address Validator for XPages

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I wanted to implement a custom validator for validating the input of an email address. There are several ways this could be done, and a normal person would just use some sort of regular expression and a xp:validateConstraint validator, you could also do it in a xp:validateExpression.

From IBM ConnectED 2015 - What's New in IBM Connections

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Yesterday I posted a recap of the IBM ConnectED 2015 OGS. Today, I wanted to focus on the What's New in IBM Connections session that I presented at after the keynote. The intent of the session was to recap our deliveries in 2014 (which were a lot!) and then give you a glimpse at what's coming next.

Glossary of IBM Notes and Domino Terms [eBook]

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From Application Lifecycle Management to XWork Server, our Glossary of IBM Notes and Domino Terms defines some of the most commonly used terms surrounding IBM Notes and Domino. Whether you’re looking for a starting point or need a refresh, this free glossary is relevant and practical for anyone seeking familiarity with the software. Click the image below to download your copy and have this reference tool at your fingertips.

Gridx in XPages – 28: Expandable Details on Demand

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The Details on Demand module of Gridx allows you to expand a row and show additional related information, much like the detail facet of an XPages Data View. This gives you a lot of flexibility to add custom content related to the row, but without requiring it to be visible by default. You could display more information about the current row, look up related information to display, draw a chart, provide a form, etc.

Gridx in XPages – 29: Programmatic API for Details on Demand

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In the last post, I showed how to add an expandible detail section to each row via Gridx’ Details on Demand feature. In this post, I’ll show how use the provided methods to programmatically expand and collapse the details, as well as how to attach event handlers to run after a detail section is opened or closed.

Gridx in XPages – 30: Getting Started with Inline Editing

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Like other modern grids, Gridx can provide the ability for users to edit data inline. This can very handy for making quick changes without having to leave the page or load another one to edit a form. In this post, I’ll show how to get started with editing data in the grid. To make a grid column editable, you need to include two modules and set a property in the column definition.

Gridx in XPages – 31: Saving Inline Edits

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In the last post, I showed how to enable inling editing on a grid column. However, the changes made were only stored in the in-memory data store. In this post, I’ll show how to save the updated value to the back-end document. The process will run after the change has been made. The changes will be saved asynchronously so the user isn’t blocked while waiting for the update to happen on the server.

Handling Requests in a Servlet

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So far in this series I’ve covered some basics on servlets, implementing our methods along with a showing of the “flavors” of servlets, and how to implement these servlets via a ServletFactory. This has been the ground work for everything that comes next. A servlet can be just about anything. It can receive a payload of data (or just handle a simple network GET request) and process and return almost anything.

How Docker Containers relate to Cloud Foundry in IBM Bluemix

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IBM Bluemix is based on Cloud Foundry, an open PaaS (platform as a service) to provide customers a choice of clouds. This PaaS model allows developers to focus almost exclusively on writing code since all infrastructure including the application servers are provided. This enables developers to build applications rapidly in local IDEs and push the applications to the cloud.

How to develop your own custom portal 8.5 theme

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This article shows how to setup a development environment for creating a custom portal 8.5 theme.